‘So What If He Wants To Grab P***y?’: Daily Show’s HORRIFYING Descent Into Trump Rally (VIDEO)

The Daily Show focused on the recent fallout from the leaked 2005 Trump video in which the presidential candidate is heard bragging about his history of sexually assaulting women. Host Trevor Noah also addressed the sexual assault allegations which came to light following the aftermath of the video’s release on Friday.

Noah sent correspondent Jordan Klepper to a Trump rally in Pennsylvania to find out what his supporters thought about his remarks.

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Traditionally, interviews with supporters at Trump rallies provide astounding insight into an almost alien mindset filled with irrational hostility, ignorance, paranoia, and hatred. And, as usual, the Trump fans interviewed in Klepper’s segment did not disappoint on any count.

One of Trump’s “gentleman” supporters told Klepper:

  “So what if he wants to grab p*ssy? I want to grab some pussy! I wish I could grab as much p*ssy!”

Another “tough guy” proclaimed to Klepper:

“Well, I’d like to grab Al Qaeda by the p*ssy and shove some yankie doodle dandy right up its a**!”

The rest of the fans wrote Trump’s comments off as “locker room talk” while another fan claimed he asked women around the rally and discovered that “half of them would love to have their p*ssy snatched by Trump.”

America will be in need of a scolding hot shower after this election is over.

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