Seth Meyers Took ‘A Closer Look’ At The Debate Fallout And Trump Might As Well Just Quit (VIDEO)

I used to think that Jon Stewart was the only late night host on the planet who could rip Fox News and right-wing idiots to shreds in a way that would make most grown men cry, but I was wrong because Seth Meyers seems to have the same knack for taking them down.

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A lot of the late night hosts, Jimmy Fallon for example, have gotten a little “soft” on their election coverage, which makes it sad that Meyers has the slot after him! No matter, though. Seth has made it clear that he has the balls to take on the far right-wing media and we love him for it! I bet Jon Stewart does too!

Tuesday’s episode might be Seth’s best yet because he not only took down Fox News (especially Hannity) but also Trump himself, plus a few supporters that really shouldn’t be allowed in front of a camera.

Donald Trump was defeated at this first debate badly! Defeated in such a way, that Fox News and their counterparts came out guns blazing with excuses. Thankfully, these excuses were SO abundant and ridiculous that we can see them compiled in this amazing video.

I’d clue you in with quotes, but you really just have to watch. It will probably be one of the best things you see all day!

Witness the “Debate Fallout” below:

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