See What Robert Downey Jr. Did For This Child – Iron Man Style (VIDEO)

The Collective Project might be one of the coolest things out there today. It is a group of students who are using 3D printing technology to bring hope to anyone who has the debilitating injury of missing an arm. It is a project sponsored by Microsoft, and partners with groups like Albert Manero’s project, called Limbitless Solutions, who are building the prosthetic limbs of tomorrow, today. And now the project has a new partner–Iron Man.

A few weeks ago, Robert Downey Jr., riding the fame wave from the massively popular Iron Man and Avenger movies, got involved in this great project – Iron Man Style! He teamed up with Manero to give a very special ray of hope to a very special child who is missing an entire arm. The Collective Project and Limbitless Solutions designed a replica of Tony Stark’s famous bionic arm in the movie for this special boy.

Watch the video and see how this gets this kid so excited he’s almost jumping out of his skin when he finds that Iron Man is in on the gig and the cool bionic arm he brought for him.

It might be the best thing you see all day.

Watch HERE:


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