Satirical Board Game Destroys The “Glass Ceiling” Debate With Humor (VIDEO)

Sexism is clearly dead, and equality reigns in the US workplace. (That is a satirical statement.) Well, that is what the vapid right wing establishment wants us to think anyway.

Equality is something that many people argue is already here, actually, despite the day to day struggles of women and minorities and the fact we are still paid unequally proving otherwise, this talking point refuses to die. Because of this, every move that brings women closer to equality with men is blocked at every turn by lawmakers crying that these protections are redundant because we are all already equal.

This actually seems to be code for, “every time you make us treat you like equals, it feels like I am losing rights!” Well, those feelings are just the reaction of a spoiled bully being forced to live with approximately the amount of respect, pay, and the potential for advancement as the rest of us. Losing privilege is not losing rights, get over it.

This hilarious video satirizes the issue beautifully, creating games that more accurately reflect the actual reality that women and men live in, without the rose-colored glasses of the privileged elite.

With cards like:

Your Ivy League education hasn’t gone unnoticed!

It makes your boss Doug feel emascualated! The promotion goes to Blake, who didn’t even get a degree.

Move back one space.

This brilliantly funny and biting satire is right on point! And, if nothing changes, your daughters, nieces, cousins, and basically all girls can look forward to more of the same.

Watch the video here, courtesy of YouTube:


Featured image via video screen capture

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