Sandy Hook Truther Endorses Trump, Campaign Distances Self Three Months Later

It looks like we may have actually found a population of people who Trump isn’t willing to pander to: Sandy Hook “Troofers.”

Trump’s Campaign is now distancing itself from the endorsement of Reverend Carl Gallups, a Florida-based pastor and radio show host who claimed that the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was staged.

Wait, what? You mean the campaign isn’t disavowing Gallups’ endorsement? Well, forget that hook. Back to the drawing board.

The ‘Troof’ Is Out There

Nothing is so stupid or insane that someone won’t believe it — this is the underlying axiom of Poe’s law.

And a great example of that is the people who think the Sandy Hook massacre was a false flag operation executed by Government™ (if you read it aloud, you might be able to hear the capital “G” under all the sinister scare cords and the clap of thunder). It’s one of those things where you feel it necessary to include a disclaimer saying, “yes, there are idiots who honestly believe this is true.”

One of those idiots is Reverend Carl Gallups, who, back in January, threw in for Donald Trump, because birds of a feather and all that. Gallups, a senior pastor of the Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida, has been urging Christian Conservatives to vote for Trump in the Florida primary next week.

He also told his listeners last month that the massacre at Sandy Hook was a “hoax” executed by the Government™ and that the grieving parents of the first and second graders were “actors employed by the Obama administration to take away your guns.”

“There is no denying it,” Gallups said on his radio show. “This guy named David Wheeler … was dragged before the nation by Obama after the Newtown school shooting, supposedly, Sandy Hook, and was — played the part of a grieving father with a woman standing beside him crying, slinging snot, carrying on.”

Wheeler and his wife Francine lost their 6-year-old son, Benjamin, during the shooting. Benjamin was one of 20 children killed. Now I’m wondering if we can possibly get Buzz Aldrin in the same room with this guy.

Reverend Giddyups also thinks Hawaii is a city in Kenya and that Obama’s a “Saudi-sponsored Muslim,” too:

Could it be that Obama’s handlers have pulled off the greatest stunt and scam in history? Could it be that they have put an anti-American and Saudi-sponsored Muslim in the White House thanks to a brain-dead American public and news media both obsessed with skin color and with an ‘American Idol’ mentality?


Trump’s campaign has been careful in distancing themselves from Giddyups, though. In January, they embraced his endorsement openly:

It is my great honor to receive endorsements from each of these incredible people. Their support for my message and endorsement of my candidacy for President of the United States means so much to me, and with their help, and the help of so many great people in Florida and all over the country, we will Make America Great Again!

Three months later, however, they’re distancing themselves, but they’re still not disavowing the endorsement.

If this is his idea of America, I’d rather it not be great, and I’d rather it never be great. We’ve already got two countries in the world run by unhinged fools who believe the most stupid stuff, and the world doesn’t need another North Korea or Islamic State.

Feature image via Gage Skidmore

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