Robert De Niro Compares Trump To His Crazed ‘Taxi Driver’ Character: Trump’s ‘Totally Nuts’

Legendary screen and stage actor Robert De Niro wants you to know that Trump is not just run-of-the-mill crazy, but delusional Travis-Bickle-from-Taxi-Driver-crazy. For anyone who has seen Martin Scorsese’s 1976 modern noir Taxi Driver, you know how massively f*cked up the main character was. Today, Robert De Niro compared his iconic Taxi Driver character, Travis Bickle, to Donald Trump.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, De Niro was in attendance at a screening of Taxi Driver last night and was discussing the nuances of the film. At one point, someone in the audience brought up the fragile psyche of Travis Bickle.

This was De Niro’s thoughts on the comparison:

What he has been saying is totally crazy, ridiculous, stuff that shouldn’t be even — he is totally nuts.

(If we’re comparing Trump to films and such, I’d say he’s much more like the Human Centipede.)

DeNiro eventually delved even further into the severely disturbed mind of Bickle.

One of the things to me was just the irony at the end. [Bickle] is back driving a cab, celebrated, which is kind of relevant in some way today too. People like Donald Trump, who shouldn’t be where he is so … God help us.

This isn’t the first time the esteemed actor spanked Trump. De Niro once said that Trump says “terrible things” and encouraged him to get the facts. Trump, a man whose skin is thinner than his hair, responded by saying he’s “not the brightest bulb on the planet.”

The film and its main character, disgusted with the excesses and debauchery of 1970s NYC, have inspired many a paranoid conservative to try to carry out law & order vigilantism. For example, would-be Ronald Reagan assassin John Hinkley Jr.

In the years leading up to John F. Hinckley Jr.’s attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, he became obsessed with the movie “Taxi Driver.” Hinckley saw the movie at least fifteen times, read and re-read the book it was based upon, and bought the soundtrack to the film, listening to it for hours on end. Hinckley even began to model certain aspects of his life on the actions of the main characters. Most importantly, Hinckley developed an intense obsession with an actress in the film, Jodie Foster. (

One can only imagine that Trump will respond to De Niro’s characterization of him by saying “Are you talking about me? Are you talking about me?” 

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