Another Right Wing News FAIL: Falsely Claim ‘Democrats Hunted and Killed Republicans’

I’m going to type this slowly to allow some of our more obtuse conservative cousins to try to catch up with the rest of of the country. In case there’s any lingering doubt, more than a few of our fellow Americans never got over losing the Civil War and, for reasons I doubt they’d be able to explain during their court-mandated psychological evaluations, they’ll go to great lengths to conflate historical events with modern day politics. It’s time for your history lesson, Sam.

There is absolutely no coincidence whatsoever that just days before another national election, the Right Wing Nut Jobs are out flogging a pernicious lie that “the Democrat Party” is inherently racist, who “literally hunted (and) killed Republicans and African Americans.” Oh — and they’d also like to convince you that it’s the Democrats who are historical revisionists, rather than the authors of this preposterous piffle.

It would be easy, but inaccurate, to simply dismiss their insistence on conflating historical facts with modern day political party affiliation as “lies.” The only part of this thoughtless and largely inaccurate accusation that could rightly be called a “lie,” is the idea that Democrats have “successfully employed a revisionist history” to secure the black vote. Nonsense. These problems begin and end where they usually do; with the insistence on rigidly adhering to partisan political gains by any means necessary. They’ll say anything to win, no matter how ugly or wrong.

Well, in fairness, it would be wrong of me to accuse Sam Gonzalez (the misguided author who wrote the introduction to this historical hatchet-job) of lying, too. When he wrote Democrats have “trick(ed) Blacks into thinking Republicans are the racists when the truth is the other way around,” I honestly don’t believe he thought he was lying. I’d like to think that Sam simply doesn’t know any better — and is just an ignorant partisan player, a useful dupe in this sordid mess. It’s one thing to repeat something you’ve been told, because you think it will be popular with the rednecks — but do you even history, bro?

My guess is this: Sam (and many of his slower conservative cousins) really don’t have the first clue that these “Democrats” who right-wing propagandists love to accuse of “founding the KKK” and “hunting” God-fearing Republicans, were actually members of the The States Rights Democratic Party (otherwise referred to as Dixiecrats). The Dixiecrats tried and failed make the “South rise again,” when they fielded their own candidate for president less than 100 years after losing the Civil War.

Those “states rights” voters didn’t really cotton to the progressive ideas of northern Democrats (think: progressive), and when Minnesota Senator Hubert H. Humphrey got the Democratic National Convention to adopt Civil Rights into the party platform, all bets were off. These “states rights” folks (think: regressive) identify with a different third party of American politics now, and many of them seem to have lost all sense of reason since the nation selected a black man to serve as our chief executive. Shocker, I know.

Your argument completely falls apart, Sam, once you begin to peel away the labels. “Democrats” didn’t have anything to do with the Ku Klux Klan. “Racists” founded the KKK, Sam. Sure, these “states rights” idiots may have appropriated the word, but they have nothing whatsoever in common with the party that championed Civil Rights. I could call myself a bird, but unless I sprout feathers and learn to fly, what difference would it make? Look, I really am trying to help here, so look at it this way: those “Democrats” of yours? They lost to the DEMOCRATIC nominee, President Harry S. Truman.

Also, if you’re going to try and make a living writing — you need to stop using a noun where you need an adjective. It’s one thing to be ignorant of American history, but the wilted word salad you’re tossing at your readers needs some dressing up if it’s going to sell. Yes, we all know those of you on the right use “Democrat” as a pejorative. Honestly? The only reason using the noun, Democrat, is annoying to us, is because we’re smart enough to know how stupid it makes you sound. It’s like hearing someone say “hand me them glasses,” or “me and Sue went shopping.” Stop.

You’re welcome.

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