Republicans Take Note: Philly Muslims March To Protest Terrorism And Support Police (VIDEO)

Every time there is an act of terrorism committed by someone who claims to be a Muslim, conservatives demand to know if the Muslim community is going to condemn it. Well, pay attention conservatives, because Muslims in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, did just that following a recent police shooting.

Philadelphia has been a city on edge since the ambush shooting of police officer Jesse Hartnett last week. The suspect, Edward Archer, reportedly told police that he shot Hartnett “in the name of Islam.” According to Philly’s WCAU, Archer also pledged allegiance to ISIS.

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Fortunately, Hartnett was not seriously wounded, and will recover. But what has really generated a case of nerves in the city is a claim from an anonymous tipster, who said that Archer was one of a group of four radicals who were planning more attacks on police. The tipster said that Archer attended two different Philly mosques, but members of those mosques said that they didn’t know him. They also said that they rejected his actions and that their mosques preach against extremism.

Brand new Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney, who has only been in office since January 4, spoke out in support of the Muslim community:

This is a criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers. It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.

In a comment that Donald Trump and Republican xenophobes need to hear, police inspector Michael McCarrick echoed Kenney’s thoughts:

You condemn the actions of one individual not an entire community. Get that message across that the Philadelphia Police and the Muslim community are one. We are this community.

On Tuesday afternoon, Philadelphia Muslims showed that solidarity with police by marching from an Islamic center to local police headquarters. The group carried signs indicating that they support the police, and saying that terrorism “has no religion.”

Saadiq Jabbar Garner, of the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission, explained the reason for the march:

We’re here to say that we do not support those types of activities nor does our religion support those types of activities.

Trump and Republicans seem to have missed the mass demonstrations in foreign countries by Muslim protesters who say they reject terrorism. Maybe they’ll notice one that took place in one of America’s largest cities. Probably not.

Here’s video of the Muslim march, via WCAU:

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