Real Life Thug George Zimmerman Just Got Himself Banned From Twitter (SCREENSHOTS)

Totally incapable of living the quiet life of a marginal painter, real life thug George Zimmerman apparently just tweeted his last vile and disgusting tweet. Twitter can now safely tweet on late and rainy nights.

Twitter allows pretty much anything on its micro-blogging site. Seriously, just go there after one of the daily shooting massacres or anytime President Obama says anything, and you will see humanity die in 140 characters. But it seems unsolicited nudity is where Twitter draws the line.  Twitter has suspended George Zimmerman’s account after he tweeted out a phone number, an email address, and topless images of a female he claims was his former girlfriend. So we can now add doxxing to this worthless thug’s ever-expanding resume of douchiness.

Zimmerman, who was acquitted in the killing of Black teenager Trayvon Martin a few years ago and has since been arrested twice,  wrote that his girlfriend “Heather” cheated on him with a “dirty Muslim” above a topless photo of a female. george-zimmerman-girlfriend-tweet-1

While I am not about to cry a river for anyone willing to share a freaking soda with George Zimmerman nonetheless bodily fluids, nobody deserves to go down like this.  But seriously, how bad does your self- esteem have to be to date, George Zimmerman? 

You may or may not know this, but  Twitter’s abusive behavior policy states that users “may not engage in targeted abuse or harassment” and that users are also prohibited from posting “intimate photos or videos that were taken or distributed without the subject’s consent.” Moreover, posting someone else’s non-public or personal phone number is also in violation of Twitter’s rule.  Additionally, Zimmerman’s state of Florida  recently outlawed posting sexually explicit photos or videos of former partners, or “revenge porn”. But Zimmerman has got to be a thug.

One has to wonder where this bloviating narcissist will go when he wishes to share his penetrating insights with the world.  RELATED

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