Racist, Anti-Muslim Questions Are Asked To Random Strangers In Public, See Their Reaction (VIDEO)

Three guys took to the streets in a social experiment to see how Canadians would react to anti-Islamic hate signs.  They were unsure of what to expect at first, given people’s general differing attitudes of bigotry and racism against Muslims.

The incident was staged on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada on Remembrance Day, which is held to honor the country’s fallen soldiers who have died in the line of duty.

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Ultimately, they wanted to see how people would react (not knowing they were on camera) when faced with anti-Islamic protest on such an important day.

The responses they received were very heart-warming, however, and show a very different rhetoric than the kind Bill O’Reilly used when he said “the world has a Muslim terrorism problem,” as if to imply that Islamic religion is the culprit.

When they asked someone if they were aware of what Muslims were up to in this country, there was no confusion between extremists and Muslims, in general. Here is the answer they received, instead of one filled with hate:

I think that’s ridiculous because there’s nothing wrong with Muslims.

They weren’t going to make this social experiment that easy, however:

Don’t you think they (Muslims) are promoting the violence?

Informed people, people that do not live a life full of fear and of limited worldviews answer just like this:

Some are, some interpret it the way they want to interpret it. Just as Christians can interpret the Bible the way they want to – there’s no difference.

Another chimed in:

There’s nothing wrong with Islam. I’m not Islamic but its a great religion. There’s a group within it that’s not using the religion correctly, they claim to, but they are exploiting it for their evil purposes. There’s a group within every religion that is whacked out.

This is a very positive, feel good video that only lasts a few minutes, but quickly dispels the media misinformation that is being spread (mostly on Fox News) and throughout society. While this took place in Canada, it is equally relevant here in the States.

Listen to these powerful answers:


H/T: The Weekly Show | Youtube screen capture

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