P*ssed Off Employee’s Sarcastic Resignation Letter: ‘I’m Sorry My Step-Mother Died’ (IMAGE)

At one time or another,we have all probably worked for a horrible boss. The type of boss who yells at employees or talks down to them. The boss who we all dream about giving the finger to and telling them to bug off because we just can’t take it anymore. Well, one pissed off Alabama private school employee did just that in the most passive-aggressive resignation letter you will ever read.

The woman, known only as Gahdzuks, posted her resignation letter to Reddit. In the letter, she apologizes to her boss for her stepmother’s death and for getting sick:

I am sorry that my step-mother died so suddenly from cancer. I am sorry that I am not a robot and was emotionally affected by her passing and had to miss work. I am sorry I got sick and had to miss work so that I didn’t get anyone else sick.

In other postings on the site Gahdzuks explains that she took one day off for her stepmother, left an hour and a half early for the funeral on another day (instead of taking the whole day off), and missed a day because she was sick. She says that in the three years she worked for the horrible boss she took five days off total and none were consecutive.

She also explained how her boss treated the employees:

Her typical day starts around 8:30 and ends at 11:30 when she leaves the school. While she is at the school she terrorizes everyone, including the students. She calls her staff idiots, insists we screw everything up, demeans us in front of the children, and seems to delight in being a [word for female that rhymes with bunt] to any and everyone under her “control”. I can’t handle her shit anymore.

That’s pretty awful. Nobody should treat people, let alone people who work for them,  that way. A terrible boss affects not only workplace morale, but can also your health and personal relationships. What happens when you have a hard day at work? You likely carry that foul mood home with you.

So if you are dealing with a nasty employer here are some coping tips; in the meantime read Gahdzuks epic letter below.

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