Protester Storms Stage At Clinton Rally And Hillary Doesn’t Miss A Beat (VIDEO)

Protesters storming the stage at political events has sort of become a common theme in this insanely contentious and reviled presidential election. Emotions are higher than Snoop Dog on 420, and a certain orange candidate is all too willing to exploit them.

Earlier today, a protestor tried to the storm the stage as Hillary Clinton held a campaign rally in Des Moines at Lincoln High School Wednesday. But unlike Donald Trump, who cowered and jumped up and down like a little girl when a protestor stormed the stage at one his events, Hillary remained steely and unphased.

Watch the protestor storm the stage at a Hillary event below:

CNN identified the protester as Kelsey Atkinson from Direct Action Everywhere, an animal rights group. Direct Action Everywhere is the same animal rights group that had a protester interrupt Hillary at a rally a week ago. At that event, Hillary paused for a moment, then quipped that they should be protesting Donald Trump since “his kids have killed a lot of animals.”  People on Twitter then mocked how she remained cool at that event, while Trump had blood coming out of his…wherever…when he was confronted by a protestor.

Direct Action Everywhere eventually put out a press release.


It should be noted that Hillary Clinton teamed up with her daughter Chelsea to help preserve the African elephant population with a generous $80 million effort. It has been a passion since her time as First Lady. So one truly has to wonder if these Direct Action Everywhere protesters know how to Google “Trump and animal rights”

Featured image via screen capture

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