Princess Bride Actor To Ted Cruz: Stop Butchering My Movie Quotes

Having just recently surpassed Donald Trump in Iowa in the latest poll, Teaparty Ted Cruz is the latest 2016 GOP Candidate to enjoy a not Donald Trump moment. Much like summer in Alaska, it doesn’t last very long but enjoy it while you can.

It turns out that the Princess Bride is one of Cruz’s favorite movies (it used to be one of mine) and he’s been seen quoting from it quite a bit. It seems he’s been parroting this signature line from the movie  on the campaign trail: “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Apparently Cruz would watch the film repeatedly with friends, memorizing and regurgitating long lines of dialogue from it. I know what you’re thinking–Ted Cruz had friends? In any case, the NY Times is reporting that Mandy Patinkin, the actor who famously played Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride and who now lives as a meme, is questioning just how much Ted Cruz actually knows about the movie.

I would like to be with Senator Cruz for a moment and I would like to respectfully ask him, since he quotes all the lines from ‘The Princess Bride’ and certainly all of my character, Inigo Montoya’s, lines, I would like to know why he doesn’t quote my favorite line? Patinkin told the Times.

One might say that Cruz keeps quoting the movie, but the quotes don’t mean what he thinks they mean.

Senator Cruz, if you’re going to say those lines, you’ve got to say the other line, too,” Patinkin said. This man is not putting forth ideas that are at the heart of what that movie is all about. I would love for Senator Cruz, and everyone creating fear mongering and hatred, to consider creating hope, optimism and love. Open your arms to these people, these refugees trying to get into our country, and open your hearts,”he went on.

I used to think that Republicans saying Benghazi over and over was like how the Sicilian from the Princess Bride kept saying “inconceivable”; I don’t think it means what they think it means. But Patinkin really took it a step further in his brilliant explanation to Cruz.

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