‘President’ Trump Starts Verbal War With Two Nuclear Nations; Here’s How The Internet Responded

Trump’s response to North Korea’s test firing of four missiles in the Sea of Japan last week did not go over well.

This test was seen by the world as a provocation of Asian countries and a direct threat to Western countries, but Trump felt the need to call them out on his “presidential” Twitter podium this morning.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, released a statement on Friday warning North Korea that “the policy of strategic patience” is over. While Tillerson would like to avoid a military conflict, he also stated that further missile threats “would be met with an appropriate response.”

During Trump’s reelection campaign, Kim Jong-Un named Donald Trump the officer candidate of the DPRK according to an alleged official statement.

Trump’s one and only “fan” in the world probably won’t like him much after this particular early morning rant, and neither does the internet.

And George Takei weighed in as well.

Trump, you need to get those little hands off of Twitter and back to work.

Featured image via Twitter

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