President Trump Seriously HUMILIATED As Judge Smacks Down His Second Muslim Ban With A Restraining Order (TWEET)

When will Donald Trump realize that no one wants his unconstitutional travel ban?

Trump’s first attempt to prevent people from coming into the United States failed miserably, and he apparently didn’t learn his lesson because he is now trying to get a second version of his Muslim ban through the courts. Unfortunately for the incompetent POTUS, his second try is being shut down just as fast as the first thanks to a judge on the Western District Court of Wisconsin. This judge has put a temporary restraining order against the government so that an anonymous plaintiff could be reunited with his stranded wife and children in Aleppo, Syria.

While the restraining order only pertains to this family, it’s a sign that this ban’s Islamophobia is blatantly obvious and that Muslim ban #2 is going to suffer a similar fate as the first.

Trump’s second Muslim ban was almost exactly like the one before it, except there are only six Muslim-majority nations with restrictions on travelers instead of seven. Iraq was excused from the second attempt at the ban because of the country’s help in fighting ISIS. The ban on Syrian refugees was also reduced, and legal residents and green card holders will now be allowed to come back into the United States.

Despite these changes, Trump’s second draft of his Muslim ban is just as xenophobic as the first. This judge’s restraining order is a great sign that it won’t be able to get through the courts, and will be shut down immediately. Hopefully after two humiliating fails, Trump will just stop trying to make his anti-Muslim travel ban a thing and give up – but he probably won’t.

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