Poll Shows Senate Will Go Back To Dems If GOP Blocks Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee

Just moments after Scalia’s death was announced, Republicans were starting up their obstruction de jour. Sigh. Since we live in a political system in which one party (Democrats) are adults and the other party (Republicans) are playing with their own poop, a rancorous battle to replace Scalia was inevitable. The party of no has a little under a year left to obstruct Obama, after which they’ll probably just get massive separation anxiety disorder.

But a new poll shows that if they engage their typical obstruction crap with respect to President Obama’s SCOTUS selection, Democrats may regain control of the Senate. Consequently, Mitch McConnell will then have to go back into his turtle shell.

Two new polls found  that voters are quite upset over the Republican plan to vigorously impede President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. In fact, their frustrations are so severe that it could give the Senate back to Democrats.

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Via PPP:

Strong majorities of voters- 58/35 in Ohio and 57/40 in Pennsylvania- think that the vacant seat on the Supreme Court should bhe e filled this year. What’s particularly noteworthy about those numbers- and concerning for Portman and Toomey- is how emphatic the support for approving a replacement is among independent voters. In Ohio they think a new Justice should be named this year 70/24 and in Pennsylvania it’s 60/37. Those independent voters are going to make the difference in these tight Senate races, and they have no tolerance for obstructionism on the vacancy.

-Voters are particularly angry about Senators taking the stance that they’re not going to approve anyone before even knowing who President Obama decides to put forward. By a 76/20 spread in Pennsylvania and a 74/18 one in Ohio, voters think the Senate should wait to see who is nominated to the Court before deciding whether or not to confirm that person. Toomey and Portman are out of line even with their own party base on that one- Republicans in Pennsylvania think 67/27 and in Ohio think 63/32 that the Senate should at least give President Obama’s choice a chance before deciding whether or not to confirm them.

There you have it, people. It only took nearly 8 years, but Americans are officially done with Republican obstruction.

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