PEACEFUL Ferguson Protesters AGGRESSIVELY Arrested Now Facing Outrageously High Bail (Video)

More than a dozen peaceful citizens were arrested by officers from the St. Louis County PD and Missouri State Highway Patrol while demonstrating outside the Ferguson Police Department during the early morning hours on Friday.  The protesters, some of whom were just standing on a sidewalk when forcefully taken into custody, are now being made to wear demoralizing orange jumpsuits and face outrageously high bail amounts.

One detainee, @bdoulaoblongata, has been Tweeting live updates from the St. Ann, MO jail where they are being held:

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The bail amount for some of the protesters was set at a ridiculously high $2700, but later reduced to $1000 — an amount still considered excessive by some.

At a press conference in St. Ann, Missouri, Rev. Starsky Wilson said of the arrests:

“There were young people who were clearly identified and targeted based upon their leadership and pulled out of that line in order to be arrested.”

Clearly, Ferguson officials have learned nothing since the senseless killing of teenager Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson on August 9th of this year. If cops in Mad Max-like military gear aren’t tear-gassing protesters, some just for standing in their own backyards, others are arresting peaceful groups of  demonstrators — both actions which unabashedly violate their First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

I’m guessing the supposed Constitution-loving, Tea Partying, Koch brother shills at Fox “News” won’t be reporting anything about this particularly egregious breach of dissenting Americans’ rights in Missouri early Friday, however.


Watch a raw video of the Ferguson PD aggressively arresting peaceful protesters in the video below:

h/t: Huffington Post

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