Paul Ryan Just Says “No” To A Presidential Run In 2016 (Video)

The 2016 Republican Primary more resembles an episode of Survivor, with different tribes lying and making secret alliances to win at any cost, than an esteemed group of statesmen governing by the will of the people. So is it any wonder that in a political environment where nothing can be taken at face value, it’s almost impossible to determine if Paul Ryan’s new found empathy for poor and working class Americans is an actual crisis of conscience or a cleverly measured ruse to make himself more appealing should he have an opportunity to capture the Republican nomination.

With Cleveland just around the corner, and the RNC shaking in their collective boots at the prospect of running a loose cannon like Donald Trump as their nominee against a well-established and credible politician, like Hillary Clinton, speculations of a contested or even a brokered convention seem more and more plausible.

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Over the past couple of months, many possible replacements have been thrown around as a potential Republican nominee should an actual brokered convention come to pass.

One of the names that generates the most buzz inside the beltway is the current House Speaker, Paul Ryan. Ryan, often seen as a kind of Republican Messiah, is seen by mainstream Republican voters as a man who holds true conservative values while not venturing too far down the path of the typical Tea Party extremist, and he would be a logical choice to run in a presidential campaign. There’s only one problem. Ryan doesn’t want the job, or so he says.

While speaking at the Republican National Committee headquarters to reporters on Tuesday, Ryan vehemently stated:

I do not want, nor will I accept, the nomination,” he said, adding: “I am not going to be the party’s nominee for president.

And went on to add:

If no candidate has the majority on the first ballot, I believe you should only turn to a person who has participated in the primary. Count me out.

A statement that may sound pretty concrete, but is similar to statements Ryan made last year when he was offered the position of Speaker Of The House, a position he initially turned down but eventually accepted after pressure from party leaders. Will the Republican primary end with Ryan begrudgingly accepting the nomination? Or will Ryan hold steadfast in his refusal to accept the nomination to run on the Republican ticket? Like so many season finale cliffhangers, we may have to wait a few months to have our answer.

Watch Paul Ryan say no to the idea of running on the Republican presidential ticket here:


Featured Image via LesGrossMan2015 YouTube screen capture

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