Pat Robertson: A Christian’s Job Is To Let Muslims And Gay People Kill Each Other (VIDEO)

I think it’s really telling that the religious right’s main coping mechanism for the Orlando shooting is to make it all about them. Whether it’s pro-slavery Doug Wilson whining that Christians are the real victims or Alex Jones whining that gun owners are the real victims, it can be hard to tell whether they are even aware that there were real victims.

You’d think the 49 dead bodies would be a clue, but when much of the Christian conservative worldview is based around narcissism and “special snowflake-ism,” then yeah, I imagine it’s challenging to deal with a situation that’s not all about believers.

Everyone has had something to say about the shooting, and it’s followed the same, tired pattern. Liberals point out that if the shooter hadn’t had access to military-grade weaponry, and that if we had sane gun control policies in place, it probably wouldn’t have happened. Or it wouldn’t have been nearly as deadly.

Conservatives claim all laws are bad because people won’t follow them anyway. Criminals break laws, they say, so why have any laws at all? You’re disarming “good guys” and leaving “bad guys” with firearms.

However, this shooting’s been a bit different since there are two extra dimensions involved.

The shooter was nominally Muslim — a radicalized young man who was clearly dangerous but somehow managed to get a firearm anyway, because Florida — and the victims were LGBT. Both of these groups have been painted as “Dangers to America” for as long as I’ve kept up with right-wing political rhetoric. Muslims, in fact, have been scapegoated by Donald Trump in a way that the Jews might have in the 1930s.

For those on the right who are confused how to handle this, Crazy Uncle Pat, host of the 700 Club, is here to help. Today on his show, televangelist Pat Roberts explained that liberal LGBT right advocates have aligned themselves with radical Islamists, and as a result, this shooting is something we (and they) deserve.

According to Robertson, liberals are “facing a dilemma” because we’re supporters of both LGBT equality and Islamic extremist. (Hint: Supporting American-Muslims isn’t the same thing as supporting Islamic terrorists.) It’s best for conservatives, Uncle Pat said, to just sit on the sidelines and let us kill each other:

The left is having a dilemma of major proportions and I think for those of us who disagree with some of their policies, the best thing to do is to sit on the sidelines and let them kill themselves.

Robertson further explained what this “dilemma” entailed earlier in the program, noting that “so-called progressives” have “two favored groups” — Muslims and gay people:

We’re looking at a favored group by the left, the homosexuals, and that in Islam is punishable by death or imprisonment or some sanction, so what are the left going to do? How are they going to describe it? And they don’t know quite what to do now. The fact that this Islamic gentleman opens fire in a gay nightclub and kills almost 50 homosexuals, that says something and tells the fact that Islam is against homosexuality, so the liberals are going to be scrambling to find some rationale, I think they’re going to have a hard time doing it.

In the meantime, Donald Trump is riding high because he said we should screen these people and he’s absolutely right. We should screen them. So the left is saying, ‘Oh you’re anti-Muslim, you’re racist’ and all this. Suddenly, that part of the narrative doesn’t play too well and they’re stuck as to what to do. But Trump is enjoying a victory.

Robertson then slammed President Obama for “being soft” on terrorism and sticking to “the narrative” that Islam is not inherently violent.

Let’s just ignore the thousands of other gay people people who commit suicide due to the type of bullying Christians revel in. Let’s ignore that additionally around 50% of trans teenagers attempt suicide because they’re told they’re sick and diseased. Let’s just ignore that violence can be executed with words and actions.

This is the first time in American history that a Muslim has carried out a mass shooting targeting gay people. But Pat Robertson ignores that too.

Instead, Robertson concluded the issue of homosexuality in the Islamic world is “a murky picture” because Lawrence of Arabia may have spent a night with a sheik who tried to “perform homosexual acts” on him. Go home, Pat. You’re drunk.

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