Obama Just TORCHED GOP Hypocrisy On What He Called Trump-Putin “Bromance” (VIDEO)

During an appearance at a Hillary rally in Miami, Florida, President Obama delivered a full-throated attack on the GOP for blindly getting behind Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“If you’ve made a career out of idealizing Ronald Reagan, then where were you when your own party’s nominee for president was kissing up to Vladimir Putin?” Obama said. “You used to criticize me for even talking to the Russians. Now suddenly your nominee is having a bromance with Putin?” Obama asked.

Last year, then Republican Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio told NPR news that if he was president, “I’m not sure we would meet with [Putin]” or Iranian leaders. Rubio is facing a very tight reelection and the President obviously wanted to remind people of this blatant hypocrisy.

With the Republican Party on the verge of full-blown extinction as it’s now almost entirely in the tiny orange hands of an unhinged con man, it’s difficult to remember a time when the GOP used to have a never-ending priapism for former President Ronald Reagan. Reagan, of course, was most noted for his hardline approach to relations with the Soviet Union and its premier Mikhail Gorbachev. And since we appear to be on the path to another cold war, this type of rhetoric is all the more important.

During last night’s debate shitstorm, Trump lied yet again about not having met or had a relationship with Putin, saying “I don’t know Putin. I never met Putin.” Maybe Trump just forgot that he has bragged about knowing Putin on many occasions.

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