Obama Brilliantly Creates ‘Middle Class Economics’ Slogan In SOTU Speech

Last night’s #SOTU address was truly one for the ages. There was a lot of what we’re accustomed to seeing; that is, a perpetually frowning John Boehner (or Tard the Cat), obligatory shots of the comatose members of Congress looking like bored teenagers, and a seemingly always grinning Joe Biden (he should give what he’s smoking to John Boehner). But what separated this Obama SOTU address from ones prior was Obama’s trenchant and stinging offense.

Like a parent who knows what’s best for a kid and who has had it with their all their misbehaving, President Obama listed all of the common sense items that voters want. Moreover, he did this while simultaneously (and politely) telling his bitter republican foes to basically go fu*k themselves for not supporting such obvious solutions. For a president who has endured unprecedented hate and obstruction (not to be confused with legit criticism) during his 6 years in office, I was half-expecting Obama to end his speech with “Come at me, bitch*s!”

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But while many media outlets (including this site) were buzzing about Obama’s epic retort to GOP heckling, conspicuously missing was a much more important and potentially election-changing buzzword. I’m referring, of course, to ‘middle-class economics.’ 

When it comes to the economy, GOP hucksters and spinmeisters have wonderfully manipulated voters with the Reagan-era phrase, “trickle-down” economics. It’s the notion that if we just award corporations with more tax breaks, they’ll share the wealth with their workforce and we’ll see more jobs. But even as many concluded that it was just a clever way of letting the rich get richer–even debunked by the very man who invented the phrase–Republicans were still able to successfully hoodwink lower and middle class voters into buying into it. Moreover, that they, too, could be rich. It’s painfully obvious that there’s a greater chance of  fair and democratic elections in North Korea than most average voters getting rich off trickle-down policies, but many still took the bait. Worse yet, pusillanimous democrats sat by and allowed it to happen.

I’ve always said that the democrats need a less evil version of Frank Luntz on their side, since they they’re just awful at messaging. But it looks like President Obama’s usage of the phrase ‘middle-class economics,’ one he uttered five separate times to describe his economic agenda that relies on tax relief aimed at middle-class families, may have just finally given Democrats their own version of “trickle-down” economics.

Middle-class economics is “the idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules,” the president said. (Washington Examiner)

We’ll probably sooner see an original Liam Neeson flick before we see this bitterly partisan Republican-controlled Congress adopt these middle-class ideas, but President Obama gave campaigning democrats a buzzword they can and should use for all future elections.

H/T: WashingtonExaminer

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