NY Times Secretly Recorded Trump Supporters At Rallies, Here’s The Unedited Nightmare Fuel (VIDEO)

Trump plays to the lowest common denominator, so naturally, his rallies attract the most vile Americans. The majority of his supporters, of course, are angry white men whose rage is famously exploited by Trump. Instigating violence and racism, Trump knows how to manipulate the fragile emotions of the unwashed masses.

The New York Times has been covering Trump rallies since the day he announced his clownish candidacy. What they uncovered is a toxic melange of racism and xenophobia, punctuated by a flurry of dudebro roid rage.

In the video, you can hear obstreperous Trump supporters shouting “get rid of the beaners” and “faggot” to a protester. It also features a good dosage of anti-Hillary vitriol. While Hillary is disliked by many and that’s understandable, the rhetoric used at these rallies is borderline criminal. For example one Trump supporter can be heard screaming “kill Hillary, kill her!”.

Watch the sickening display of radioactive ignorance below:

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The screaming orange beast that is Donald Trump did not just appear out of thin air. Rather, he was the end product of seven years of solid rage over a black president. Among white voters, higher levels of racial resentment have been shown to be associated with greater support for Trump.

White rage and fear are all Donald Trump has to run on, and his supporters– uninformed and oblivious to the facts– eat it up like rabid junkyard dogs.

Featured image via Hinterlandgazzette

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