Newborn Baby Left To Die In Storm Drain By Mother Survives After 5 Days (VIDEO)

A newborn baby, less than a week old, has just been discovered after being thrown down a 9 ft. deep storm drain.

The baby boy managed to survive for 5 days in the drain without any food or water. What’s even more incredible is that the temperature had been over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the area.

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If the baby hadn’t been discovered by two bikers, David Otte along with his 18 year-old daughter Hayley, who were just merely passing by, then the baby most assuredly would have died.

“Babies have enough to survive for the 24 to 48 hours without much in the way of feeding. I am surprised: six days seems a long time to me,” said Kim Oates, an emeritus professor of pediatrics at the University of Sydney.

It took six men, three of them being police officers, to pry open the 440 pound concrete slab leading down into the drain.

Luckily, the baby boy was found in time since the two passerby’s were able to hear its pleading for help.

“It was obviously in distress, said Mr. Otte. We thought we heard a kitten at first, and only later realized what was really going on. That baby had no chance if we and the other people hadn’t been there. Something made us find that baby today.”

Police  allege that the boy had been in the storm drain since around Tuesday, roughly 24 hours after its birth. It’s umbilical cord was already cut off and it was still wrapped in a blanket, similar to one it would have received at a hospital.

They were able to locate the mother from hospital documents and after several hours of questioning she admitted to throwing her baby down the drain.

The 30 year-old woman, whose identity is not able to be released at this time, was living with her aunt, uncle and cousin in an apartment.

According to documents released by the court, she will remain in custody and appear before a magistrate on Friday, without bail.

The new mother, if you want to call her that, did not appear before the court today, but instead had an attorney there representing her. He did not apply for bail.

The baby is now in a serious, but stable condition at the Westmead Children’s Hospital.

The accused mother along with one of her supporters. Photo via

The accused mother along with one of her supporters. Photo via 9 News

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