Nevada Judge SLAMS Trump Campaign’s Lawyer For Filing BS Lawsuit Against Poll Workers (VIDEO)

Donald Trump, already laying the ground work for a “rigged election” challenge after he loses, filed a frivolous lawsuit in Nevada that sought to erase the votes of many residents of Clark County because they dared wait line past the time polls closed (as was their legal right) and got their vote in during early voting.

The lawsuit, on its face, was insane. Trump was arguing that people who waited in the long lines to vote should have been sent home once the polls officially closed. This is contrary to the law, which says that as long as a person is in line at the time of closing, they are legally entitled to cast their ballot. This is done specifically to ensure crooked politicians couldn’t disenfranchise voters by intentionally making lines so long that the poll workers can’t possibly get to all of the people.

As reporter Jon Ralston noted in disbelief as the court case unfolded:

But if Ralston and other observers were baffled, Nevada Judge Gloria Sturman was furious. The entire case boiled down to Trump’s campaign arguing that people should legally be barred from voting. They had no case, and wound up looking like undemocratic goons to boot. However, it was when Trump’s lawyers asked that the names and addresses of the poll workers who worked at the stations during early voting be publicly released (presumably so Trump’s supporters could wage an harassment war on them), that Sturman really lost it.

In a rare moment in the courtroom, the judge had to publicly ridicule the attorney for even bringing such a reprehensible case to her. She let him have it.

In short: Sorry, Trump. Voters get to have their say in Nevada. Take a seat.

And then she threw out the lawsuit entirely. Case dismissed.

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