‘Mean Girls’ Acting Out Trump Tweets Is The Funniest Thing You Will See All Week (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is a man who really is more a product than a presidential candidate, more a brand than a statesman, and more a reality TV huckster than a person who actually lives in reality, so is it any wonder that Trump is the focus of countless memes, vines and goofy YouTube videos?

Over the past several months Trump has redefined conventional politicking by using Twitter to attack his enemies and Instagram to humiliate his opponents, much like a bitter teenage boy would settle the score with an ex-girlfriend. Trump uses social media to shame and ridicule anyone who would dare to defy him and has lowered the bar of what used to be acceptable campaigning to a point so low that one might expect Trump to start pandering for votes on Craigslist and You Porn.

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In a GOP presidential primary that is starting to resemble more and more an episode of “Jersey Shore,” Trump and Cruz have gone far beyond the normal mudslinging of modern day campaigning and have traveled far into the dark waters of penis jokes and attacking each other’s wives.

Quick to retaliate to even the smallest perceived slight, Trump is well known for his snarky comebacks, but as for his actual positions on the issues- well, not so much.

Showcasing the inane and adolescent content of Trump’s political discourse, Nylon magazine has produced a hilarious video that shows a group catty high school girls speaking verbatim in “Trump Tweets” only, what ensues next is pure magic as the man who wants to be President is reduced to the immature and overly dramatic ramblings of teenagers.

While the content may be quite comical, the message is terrifyingly clear, the fact that at least one-third of our country wants to elect a man to be leader of the free world that in any other context would be taken less seriously than a high school break-up, is proof positive that America has failed not only to inform its’ citizens but educate them as well.

Watch Nylon’s hilarious video below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4xdSr7x8yI]

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