Marco Rubio Makes Passionate Plea To Americans: ‘Help Us Stop Trump!’ (VIDEO)

A very strange thing is happening right now in American politics. For the first time since the Wigs called it quits in 1854, we may actually be witnessing the end of a major political party.

For nearly eight years, the Republican Party has pushed an agenda of obstruction and divisiveness all in a disgraceful effort to publicly delegitimize the presidency of Barrack Obama. Over the past eight years Republicans have voted against their own legislation if it happened to coincide with the political platform of the Obama administration, threatened to crash the “Debt Ceiling,” a term most Americans had never even heard before 2011, and sent a letter to Iran stating they would not honor any negotiations made by the President in good faith.

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All of these tactics are a first in American politics. Throughout our history, Democrats and Republicans have had their fair share of heated debates on many issues, maybe even stooping to mudslinging or hyperbole on occasion, but never has a major political party engaged in a scorched Earth, destroy the opposition campaign, by putting their own selfish agenda before the welfare of the American people.

And what has been the result of all this infighting, obstruction and fear mongering? A crumbling infrastructure, a dysfunctional congress that is in absolute gridlock, and an increasingly angry populous just ripe for manipulation by the first snake oil salesman who would compromise our Democracy to feed their own insatiable ego. Unfortunately, Republicans have opened the door for just such a man — a man by the name of Donald J. Trump.

Over the past few months, we have seen a growing mass of hate, anger, and violence towards Muslims, immigrants, and the black community which has very nearly engulfed the collective soul of our country. And as this dangerous fire burns hotter every day, we see one man with a sinister smile front and center stoking the flames of discontent, a man that is a direct byproduct of the GOP’s myopic strategy of putting political posturing before the actual job of governing. Republicans have created a monster, and now, for the first time in years, they may actually be humbled by the chaos and destruction they have wrought.

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In an interview on Saturday, an obviously shaken Marco Rubio made an emotional plea to the American people to help the Republican party stop the beast they have created by voting for anyone but Trump for the Republican nomination. While Rubio’s words, for the first time this primary season didn’t sound robotic or rehearsed and may well resonate with Democrats and Republicans alike, it is hard not to emotionally default to the “Hey, you guys made your own bed, now sleep in it” mentality.

During the interview, Rubio spoke in depth about the dangers of nominating a man like Trump as he passionately remarked,

This boiling point that we have reached has been fed, largely, by the fact that we have a front runner, in my party, who has fed into language that basically justifies physically assaulting people who disagree with you,

Rubio went on to say,

Leaders cannot say whatever they want because words have consequences. They lead to actions that others take. And when the person you’re supporting for president is going around saying things like, ‘Go ahead and slap him around, I’ll pay your legal fees,’ what do you think is going to happen next? Someone is actually going to literally believe it.

A very poignant response considering the nightmare that Republicans have unleashed on America. The tragedy of our current situation is that whether Trump wins the nomination or not, his hateful rhetoric and propaganda has awakened something very ugly and dangerous in this country, something that can’t be so easily dispelled by the end of an election cycle, and for that reason alone, I can never forgive the GOP for what they have done to the country I love.

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