Man Stabbed His Girlfriend And Ate Her Heart, But Says ‘Too Handsome’ To Rape Her (VIDEO)

34-year-old Joseph Oberhansley was the boyfriend from hell. He’s confessed to stabbing his girlfriend to death and then eating her organs.

The autopsy revealed that Oberhansley’s 46-year-old girlfriend had been raped during the attack. So on Monday, rape was added to the charges, but that he says, isn’t true, because he was “too handsome.”

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I’ve never seen such bullshit,” Oberhansley complained as Judge Carmichael read the rape statute on Monday. “Excuse my language. They keep falsifying shit.”

Oberhansley argued in court that he was a righteous man, and he said that he was “too handsome” to have raped his 46-year-old former girlfriend.

Source: Raw Story

Here’s the video:

WDRB 41 Louisville News

The “too good looking to rape” defense isn’t new to Oberhansley. In fact, it’s quite common for men to claim that it’s impossible for them to rape because they “can have any woman they want.”

Last year, a man convinced one member of a hung jury of his claim that he was too good looking to rape a woman. Fortunately, he was sentenced to 65 years in a subsequent trial.

In another case last year, NFL player Darren Sharper was accused of raping seven women across four states. During his trial, social media was filled with comments saying that he was too handsome to rape. Jezebel collected some of the tweets and comments:

Darren is a sexy man!!! Can’t imagine him having to rape anybody to get some!!

I doubt it. He does not need to rape a beaux! They give it up willingly for a high price! But if you cross him watch out.

Darren Sharper Can’t Get The Willing Coochie Anymore???

Darren Sharper is too fine to be raping people… (That has nothing to do with him being sick but still)

Darren Sharper too fine to be out here living that roofie life. Unless his peepee is just SUPER itty bitty…

Whaaaat! With dimples like that why would he have to rape anyone? Damn, I hope it’s not true I used to love him on the Saints. SMH

I don’t get it. Why would Darren Sharper fine ass need to rape somebody? It’s a hoax for sure! Has to be.

Darren sharper too fine to do the raping…he should be fighting from getting raped by women

Darren sharper is sexy and handsome, hoes probably tryna set him up. I know them hoes lying.

Fortunately, Sharper was also convicted, but only for nine years, after pleading guilty to sexual assault charges involving nine women. Any bets on whether he would have had such a light sentence if he weren’t good looking?

Featured image via video screenshot.

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