Loud, Obnoxious Christie Gets Karma Check On Amtrak For Being Too Loud (IMAGE)

When it comes to riding on Amtrak’s designated quiet car, the rules couldn’t be any simpler: take a seat and STFU! In a world in which we’re bombarded with obnoxious and invasive technologies, it’s nice (and mandatory) to have a quiet moment of reflection. And since fledgling 2016 GOP Candidate and pretend NJ Governor Chris Christie knows quiet reflection like Donald Trump knows humility, the loud and obnoxious jersey jerk was asked to leave Amtrak’s quiet car for being too loud.

According to Gawker, Christie was reportedly kicked off of the quiet car on an Amtrak train from DC to New York this past Sunday for shouting on his cell phone.

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Being the totally entitled and obnoxious pant load that he is, it seems Christie got on the train “last minute” and started yelling at his bodyguards, according to one passenger.

According to the passenger, Christie shouted “this is frickin’ ridiculous” and “seriously?! seriously?!” Interestingly enough, that’s what New Jersey residents say everyday when they see that Governor Christie is still in the 2016 presidential race, despite pathetic poll numbers.
NJ Gov Chris Christie shown holding a Strawberry Smoothie Before Getting Kicked Off Amtrak's Quiet Car For Being Too Loud. Image via @NBCNewYork

NJ Gov Chris Christie shown holding a Strawberry Smoothie Before Getting Kicked Off Amtrak’s Quiet Car For Being Too Loud. Image via @NBCNewYork


And this man thinks he has the resolve and aplomb to handle international crises and prickly world leaders, like ISIS and Putin, when he can’t even remain quiet on a freaking quiet train car??!! If it weren’t for the fact that he jet sets on Air Donald to spread his bitchy mean girl tweets, Donald Trump would probably be kicked off Amtrak’s quiet car too.

Christie’s  campaign reportedly offered a ‘sincere’ apology for the Amtrak quiet car incident, but we don’t see this doing anything positive for Christie in the polls. If he had any dignity or decency whatsoever (he doesn’t), he would bow out and go back to squandering New Jersey tax dollars on petty investigations.

Featured image via screen capture

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