LOL Alert: Barber Cutting Mike Pence’s Hair In Swing State Has No Clue Who He Is (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that Indiana Governor Mike Pence has all the charisma of a weeks old peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

As part of Trump’s scramble to appeal to African Americans, Mike Pence was asked to visit a local Philadelphia barbershop by Pennsylvania state congressman Mike Vereb. Since Hillary is beating Trump in the key swing state, Vereb figured it would serve as a great photo-op. Instead it completely backfired.

Henry Jones, a 74-year-old barber from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, had the misfortune of cutting Pence’s hair. After making small talk and chit-chat, it was time for the photo-op.

Here’s how it all went down, via Politico:

“Now, your name?” asked Jones, who had chatted easily with Pence throughout the haircut on topics ranging from football to family. “Mike Pence,” the Republican responded.

“Mike Pence,” a bewildered Jones replied.

“Yessir, I’m the governor of the state of Indiana, I’m running for vice president of the United States.”

The man seem genuinely surprised.

For those of us in the progressive community, Mike Pence is the socially backward religious bigot who doesn’t quite understand how condoms prevent STDs. But to your average Joe, he’s a complete and utter inanimate object. He’s certainly not the guy who is going to help Trump capture more than one perfect of the African American vote in November.

Watch the exchange below:

Featured image via screen capture

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