Aircraft That Thinks It’s A Seaplane Narrowly Escapes Disaster

Passengers on Delta flight 1089 can breathe a sigh of relief today after their plane slid off an icy runway and came to a stop only feet before landing in New York’s Flushing Bay. Just one in a string of many unfortunate events happening in connection with the extreme winter weather that has hit the country, the Delta MD-88 from Atlanta was attempting to land at LaGuardia Airport, which had been plowed but remained slippery. The plane slid off the runway and crashed through a fence separating the airport from the Bay.

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Miraculously, the plane’s momentum was just shy of what was needed to push the plane into the water. Of the 127 passengers on the plane, two dozen people reported minor injuries, three were taken to the hospital, and – as it happens – one was New York Giants tight end, Larry Donnell. The bumpy landing caused a fuel leak that was quickly stopped by fast-acting fire crews on the scene.

The incident resulted in the immediate closure of LaGuardia’s two runways, one of which re-opened at 2:00 p.m.

This is not the first time that a potentially devastating aircraft mishap at LaGuardia has ended so well. In 2009, the engine of US Air Flight 1549, leaving LaGuardia, was crippled after the plane hit a flock of Canadian geese. The plane made a successful emergency water landing in the Hudson River by the now famous Captain Chesley Sullenberger. All of the passengers and crew survived the landing and the U.S. government, remarkably, chose NOT to take military action against Canada for what their geese had done.

H/T: NBC | Featured image via: NBC/Larry Donnell


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