Jeb Bush, Rick Scott And Koch Brothers Linked To Huge Pipeline Environmental Scandal

What happens when you take a waterway and combine two slimy and shady Florida governors–one of whom literally looks like a snake in the grass–with two of the greediest and bloated fat cat industrialists known to man?

You get a boondoggle of environmental devastation and corruption that not even Saul Goodman can defend.  

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It seems Florida Attorney Steve Medina has been pursuing a case that involves boat loads of toxic waste being dumped into St. Johns River in Tallahassee, Florida,  on a daily basis by the Koch Brothers‘ Georgia-Pacific company. And what do you know — Florida Governor and Harry Potter supervillain, Rick Scott, is at the center of it. Better still, former Florida governor and 2016 GOP clown car leader Jeb Bush was also involved.

Medina, apparently wanting the Daily Kos to break the sordid story, sent the liberal-leaning website a flurry of information that details all the corruption and nastiness that spanned over a decade. Medina’s story can be substantiated by slew of  public records and court documents.

Here are Mr. Medina’s findings, courtesy of his entry for the Daily Kos:

We have learned recently that Florida Governor *Rick “Fifth Amendment” Scott is, how shall we say, ethically-challenged. Actually, that has been known for a long time, but who’s counting the past, this is Florida, land of forgiveness, opportunity, and no state income tax! Give them your relaxed, your wealthy, your huddled plutocrats yearning to breathe free. Put your wretched refuse beneath their teaming shores. Send these, the multi-homed, tempest-tossed, to them: Their elected officials snuff out their lamp beside the golden door.

You may know Florida’s immediately past commissioner of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement seems to have been given the heave ho by Governor Scott not only for patently political reasons but without particular attention to Florida law.… (In Florida, if you are Governor Scott, perhaps you would not want an FDLE commissioner who actually investigates things, especially potential white collar crimes involving public corruption.)

Meanwhile, you probably don’t know that, for the past two years, thanks to Governor Scott, a veritable fountainhead of toxic waste has been directly dumped every dayinto the heart of “Florida’s American Heritage River,”… the St. Johns. As discussed below, it is released through what is contended in a legal action to be an illegally-approved pipeline, the circumstances of which Governor Scott, as the current chairperson of Florida’s Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund, refuses to investigate.

Rick Scott, a man who may resemble Harry Potter’s Lord Voldemort but lack his charm and ethics, once oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in history. So the fact that he would engage in such seedy and insidious corruption isn’t exactly breaking news.

However, that this nasty and tawdry Koch love affair at the expense of environmental protections goes back to Jeb Bush, a serious 2016 presidential contender, makes it all the more interesting. So do tell us more, Mr Medina.

To investigate these circumstances would be to investigate the highly questionable actions of yet another state agency, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. These actions in turn reach back into the Jeb Bush administration (1999-2007), when then Governor Bush and the Florida Cabinet, over the objection of then Attorney General Charlie Crist, gave preliminary approval for a Georgia-Pacific pipeline from its Palatka paper mill to the St. Johns River.

Tons of toxic waste travel through the pipe to the heart of the St. Johns River every day. The approval was “finalized” through what Florida citizens and environmental groups are calling a grossly misleading newspaper public notice that aimed to cut-off public challenges to the pipeline easement, which the Trustees’ agent, the FDEP, eventually granted.

Ironically, or maybe not, the benefactors of the spewing are Charles G. and David Koch, the foremost, or at least two of the richest, purveyors of “freedom” according to Ayn Rand. Since late 2005, Koch Industries has owned Georgia-Pacific. It began buying up Georgia-Pacific assets the year before.… The Koch Brothers have since been active in educating Georgia-Pacific employees about the right way to vote.…

This is the same pair of billionaires who have taken an interest of late into shaping the minds of Florida State University students.… Students will presumably be encouraged to learn such definitions as

“Freedom (n.): To ask nothing. To expect nothing. To depend on nothing.”
― Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

The Koch brothers are not too interested in meeting even this sorry definition of freedom on the St. Johns River. But they have an acolyte in Governor Rick Scott to do their bidding, and that beats logical consistency, and possibly the law, any day. The ultimate question is whether Floridians, present and future, and not just FSU students, will be forced to live with these hypocritical plutocrats and their toxic waste, notwithstanding Randian faux freedom, the public trust doctrine, and due process of law…click here for more

While we all enjoy raucous rounds of laughter–watching multi-millionaire proponents of Ayn Rand philosophy and property of the billionaire Koch brother industrialists talk poverty and economic populism — stories of environmental devastation and side-sweeping environmental safeguards for power and economic benefit make that exploitation of low-information voters all the more ridiculous.

H/T: Daily Kos | Featured Image via Daily Kos

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