‘Jared Diet’ Fails, Alabama Teen Robs Subways For Retribution (VIDEO)

It’s no secret there are thousands of fad, quack diets out there. Folks have been exploiting the overweight, the naturalists and health gurus for decades, but have you ever heard about any one of the likely millions of people who have been swindled by such snake oil taking revenge? That’s just what 18-year-old Zachary Torrance claims he was doing when he robbed four different Subway restaurants in four consecutive days in and around Hueytown, Alabama.

According to Hueytown Police Chief Chuck Hagler:

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[Torrance] stated to the detective he had attempted the ‘Jared Diet’ and it didn’t work. He felt like he should get his money back.

For anyone living under a pile of salami the last twenty years, Jared Fogle is the old Subway spokesperson made famous for allegedly walking about town every day, claiming he’d lost all his weight sticking to a strict diet of Subway sandwiches. The average Joe, wallflower American was thrust into the national spotlight and in certain respects, continues to outlive, by far, what should have only amounted to 15 minutes of fame.

WJBF-TV ABC 6 Augusta-Aiken

Torrance can be spotted in a surveillance video entering a Subway Wednesday, according to a post on the Hueytown Police Department’s Facebook page.

The 200-pound teen is shown pulling out a gun and demanding the cash from the register. He then tucks the money in his pocket and leaves.

One local man recognized Torrance from the video and connected him with shopping for a gun holster at Wal-Mart recently, identifying Torrance firmly not only by his face, but also by the bright orange shoes he can be seen wearing in the surveillance video.

Authorities have since pinned additional Subway robberies in the area on Torrance, according to WJBF, an ABC News affiliate. He is currently being held on a $250,000 bond in the Jefferson County Jail.

Though Torrance’s excuse for robbing the Subway restaurants sounds downright absurd, even the local police chief couldn’t explain why the troubled teen had selected to rob Subway restaurants alone.

Perhaps he should have simply asked for a refund.

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H/T: abcnews.go.com / (Featured image courtesy of Flickr)

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