Iraq Vet Absolutely Burns Donald Trump With Two Simple Words

I’ve already revealed an excellently worded letter written by veterans calling out Trump on his failure to send them the $6 million he cynically promised them. After all, Trump has made a mint out not being held accountable for things he says and you’re an ugly loser for asking. Worse still, how he easily found the time to help pay off the campaign debts of his butt buddy Chris Christie. However,  that it was finally revealed that Trump  failed to make good on the $6 million pledge has opened up a whole new can of worms. And my apologies to actual worms.

In response to the Washington Post’s revelation that Trump never made good on his pledge, VoteVets, a huge progressive veterans group, had some words for Trump.

Donald Trump is a cheap fraud,” said Iraq veteran and VoteVets chairman Jon Soltz in a scathing press release. “In a classic fraud move, made himself look good to the public, by lying to the American people, and veterans, about how much he raised for veterans’ groups, when he hid behind them to get out of the GOP debate.

If there’s anyone with the right to tear down this monumental orange a-hole, it’s a veteran. Trump, a draft dodger who equated a military boarding school to combat, only knows the combat of marketing. The whole thing was just a PR stunt to shield him from having to deal with Fox News’ Megyn Kelley. PR, of course, is one thing that Donald Trump knows something about. Soltz now feels we need to question every comment Trump makes with regards to the military, even likening his refusal to release his taxes as a possible cover to conceal his giving to vet groups.

We now need to presume that he is lying about how much he claims he has given to veterans over the years, and that’s part of the reason he won’t release his taxes,” Soltz continued. “Releasing them would likely show that he’s not given as much to veterans’ groups over the years as he claims – if he’s even given to them at all. Another lie and another fraud.

And still under the mistaken belief that presidential candidates are never to be held accountable, Trump told the Post last month, “Why should I give you records? I don’t have to give you records.” But Soltz isn’t buying it and neither should anyone else.

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