Influential Journalist Nails It: Trump Will Be In Jail Soon, But A Clinton Win Means Stalemate Term

In an interview with The National, New Yorker journalist and New York Times best-selling author, Malcolm Gladwell, was asked by Wendy Mesley to predict what the next four years will look like after tomorrow’s votes are in.

With understandable trepidation, the show’s host inquired what would happen if Trump wins, to which the English-born Canadian writer’s answer was simple:

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“I think he’ll be in jail within a year. We’ve got the Trump University fraud case, we probably have criminal charges coming out of his charitable donation. We’ve got all of the Russian ties we don’t know much about. He’s got so many legal problems, I suspect he’ll spend the next few years huddled with his lawyers.”

So, what does Gladwell think will happen when Hillary is elected?

“Republicans in Congress will start an investigation of her on day one, which will only end when she leaves office four years later. The forecast for the next four years is just stalemate. Their hatred will not be satiated by a Hillary Clinton victory, it will be enhanced. For twenty years they have been coming after this woman and they’re gonna keep coming after her.” Adding, “It will result in some kind of political paralysis for sure.”

Gladwell does not paint a very inspiring picture of a Clinton win, for sure, but it is better than the alternative. We all know Trump belongs in jail, but he can’t be allowed to bring the entire nation down with him. In short, get your ass out and vote!

Also, watch the full CBC interview where Gladwell discusses sexism, elitism, racism and the baffling media obsession with Hillary’s emails:

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