Indianapolis Mayor Revolts Against Mike Pence’s Anti LGBT Law – Other Republicans Join

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard might be a republican, but he knows bad legislation when he sees it, which is why he bucked Governor Mike Pence and the GOP legislature in Indiana and signed an executive order protecting LGBT rights in Indiana’s largest city.

In a news conference Monday announcing the move, Ballard expressed how this bad law threatens to destroy all the progress the city has made over the years in becoming a 1st class city by embracing diversity:

Our city thrives because we have welcomed and embraced diversity. RFRA threatens what thousands of people have spent decades building. And I won’t allow that to happen without a fight.

Ballard’s executive order mandates that the city’s human rights ordinance, which protects LGBT rights, must be observed by anyone who receives any public funds over any other legislation including RFRA.  The order also calls on the State Legislature to repeal the law discriminating against anyone due to their sexual orientation or gender identification. He also said that his actions were not being done for PR or any political reasons, but because it was just the right thing to do.

Several lawmakers and business leaders appeared at the press conference to show their support for Ballard’s actions and statements demanding repeal.

Watch the press conference HERE:


The move does come right before the NCAA Basketball Finals where people have questioned whether the games should be protested or boycotted. Ballard surely does hope this will quell any such talk. The NCAA has put out a statement saying the anti -LGBT law might come into play in future years if the law stays in place.

Also, Angie’s List, an Indiana based company who’s CEO is a former GOP aide has cancelled a 40 million dollar expansion in the state which will cost an estimated 1,000 jobs. Other companies and individuals have made statements and moves to protest the GOP’s “making discrimination legal” law but so far the Governor has not indicated any intention to repeal the legislation despite an ever growing backlash.

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