In Fear Of A Brokered Convention, Trump Tries To Make Nice With GOP Establishment

With the threat of a “Brokered Convention” hanging over his head, a convention that would most assuredly leave him out in the cold, a desperate Donald Trump met with Republicans in DC on Monday to try and finally make peace with the GOP establishment.

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Since the start of his campaign back in June, “Trump The Insult Candidate” has viciously attacked and humiliated the Republican establishment, as well as manipulated the media in order to propel his own campaign forward and keep himself in a perpetual state of controversy in the hopes of outshining his competition.

A true master at the fine art of shameless self-promotion, Donald Trump’s outrageous behavior just to remain the focus of every nightly news cycle, kind of reminds me of when an unknown rap artist attacks Eminem because they know in doing so Eminem will write 10 retaliation raps against them, catapulting their career.

Trump is employing the oldest trick in the book, using political prestidigitation to dupe the angry and uninformed into blindly following him, unfortunately for Trump political rhetoric without substance or zero knowledge of the issues can only take you so far, especially when you are battling the base of your own party. A cold hard fact Donald Trump is learning the hard way as he now begs lower tier Republicans like rabid Tea Party sycophant Tom Cotton for political table scraps.

As anti-Trump Republicans strategize on the best way to expel the embarrassing carnival barker from their party, Trump is busy trying to do what he does best, make deals, but as “Conservatives Against Trump” spokesperson Quin Hillyer stated on Monday,

It’s too late for Trump to make peace with the people who care about the things we care about,

Of course Trump responded to his naysayers in true narcissistic fashion by firing back at a news conference Monday, arrogantly proclaiming,

If people want to be smart, they should embrace this movement. If they don’t want to be smart, they should do what they’re doing now and the Republicans are going to go down to a massive loss.

With an ego that screams “I’m the smartest, greatest, most wonderful human being to ever live” is it any wonder Donald Trump only listens to Donald Trump and those not on board his “Trump Train” are considered idiots and losers by the orange megalomaniac?

It seems Mr. Trump has a true Gordian Knot to untie, he can play nice and make peace with the establishment, causing him to lose support from the very voters he has whipped into a frenzy against the GOP, or he can keep playing lone wolf alienating the very party he hopes to lead while trying to outmaneuver them and claim the Oval Office. Either way for a man of Trump’s temperament, I see no scenario that doesn’t end with the total political annihilation of Donald Trump come this November.

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Featured image via Gage Skidmore 

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