‘I Hate Gay N****s’: Insane Homphobe Points Gun At Innocent Gay Man Outside Liquor Store (VIDEO)

Police in Detroit are presently looking for an ill-bred, barely literate homophobe who posted a sickening video of himself brazenly pulling a gun on an innocent gay man and screaming anti-gay epithets outside a convenience store.

On Tuesday evening, a man who goes by the name @binswanson on Twitter posted a video in which he proudly showed himself pulling out a gun at a man who was exiting a convenience store while calling him “gay as hell” and a “d*ck-in-the-booty-ass n***s.” Naturally,  the man being threatened immediately ran away after seeing the homophobic thug point a gun at him.

People on Twitter were quick to shame the homophobic thug:


And since Mr. Homophobia (most likely self-loathing) is about as sharp as a feather, the ignorant sh*t sandwich decided to post a follow-up video in which he brags about the incident, as well as say more anti-gay slurs. As a result, Local news station Fox 2 Detroit reports that police are investigating the incident as a potential hate crime, although they have yet to locate either the man who posted the video or the man being threatened in the video.

To think that somebody would be so brazen that they could point the weapon in the face of an unsuspecting citizen and then post it on social media as if the Detroit police are going to stand idling by and do nothing,” Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody tells the station.

Watch the ugly incident below:
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Featured image via screen capture

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