Humiliated Chris Christie Forced To Deny Trump Is Holding Him ‘Hostage’

Things move pretty fast in the political arena, especially in an election year. Public opinion changes quickly, voters are fickle and hastily turn on someone today that they had passionately supported yesterday, and candidates switch their positions on key issues with the changing of the polls and the barking of the news cycle.

If it seems like only a few short weeks ago that former Presidential candidate Chris Christie was attacking Donald Trump, proclaiming a Trump Presidency would be a disaster while simultaneously giving America the short pitch that Christie was the only man who could save our country from impending doom and failure, it’s because it was.  Not that it matters much in today’s chaotic and rapidly changing political environment.

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At a town hall this past January, the imposing Christie spoke out against Trump, stating,

Showtime is over. We are not electing an entertainer-in-chief. Showmanship is fun, but it is not the kind of leadership that will truly change America.

Fast forward less than two months later, and not only is Christie endorsing the man he once mocked as a crybaby, who sits in his jammies in Trump Tower, he is standing behind him on Super Tuesday, sullenly looking on like a submissive puppy dog waiting for master Trump to pull a treat out of his pocket and reward him for his obedience.

Now, while many pundits speculate on why Christie would endorse a man he seemed so at odds with only a short time ago, Twitter was exploding with ridicule and insults about the New Jersey Governor, and his shameless brown-nosing towards Trump.

Among the most popular memes concerning the fallen bully-king of New Jersey politics, are the memes asking Christie if Donald Trump is holding him hostage, with the hashtag “Free Christie.” And while no one enjoys being publicly humiliated, for an arrogant blowhard like Christie, the indignity of becoming America’s most recent punchline must be a particularly bitter pill to swallow.

This past Thursday, an obviously beaten down and humiliated Christie lamented to reporters,

I don’t know what I was supposed to be doing, I was standing there listening to him. All these armchair psychiatrists should give it a break. … He was answering questions from the national press corps, and I was listening. This is part of the hysteria of the people who oppose my Trump endorsement. They want to read anything into it that can be negative.

A fairly timid response from a man who is usually so fond of telling reporters to shut up.

But the damage to Christie’s fragile reputation and ego may not be the only unfavorable outcome for him, because the controversy and social media shaming of Christie has also been a harbinger for a very real backlash in his home state of New Jersey, where six different newspapers have demanded Christie’s resignation, calling him an “embarrassment” and “utter disgrace”.

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Is Christie sucking up to Trump in the hopes of a cabinet appointment or a spot as Trump’s VP? Or is Chris Christie so insecure about his pitiful Presidential run he will do almost anything to remain in the Republican Primary spotlight? The world may never know.

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