HELP – Denver Man Leaves Town And His Dog Accidentally Gets Adopted Out (VIDEO/TWEETS)

As a dog lover, vacations are always stressful. Don’t get me wrong, vacations are wonderful, but a nagging part of me always feels guilty for leaving our two furkids behind.

If Korey Wetherell of Denver didn’t feel that way before leaving on his latest vacation, he definitely feels that way now. He came home to find that his dog had been adopted to some other family.

On March 1st, Wetherell was informed that his Chow mix Chewbacca was missing. Wetherell posted a lost dog ad on Craigslist and was successful. Chewbacca was safe and sound at the Denver Animal Shelter and Wetherell was assured that Chewbacca would be there when he returned.

Then, Wetherell sent a friend to pick up the dog and the friend found that he had been adopted out to another family, with no warning to Wetherell whatsoever. Now, he’s hitting social media to help find his beloved companion and the story is going viral.

The Denver Animal Shelter is trying to help with no success so far, but still, Wetherell doesn’t blame them. He’s a better person than me.

Here’s the video:

Image via 9 News video screenshot.

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