Heartbroken Conservatives React With Rage And Sorrow Over Trump’s Birtherism Walkback (TWEETS)

In a press conference at his new Washington, D.C. hotel, Donald Trump said something that caused a horrified ripple in the alt-right. Stating (falsely) that Hillary Clinton started it all, Trump finally renounced his birtherism. And the racists who support him are not happy.

Breitbart.com wrote a perfunctory story on the facts, quoting Trump and reprinting part of an article they’d done in 2011 about how President Obama had to dig through old records to find his long-form birth certificate. Horrors!

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The Daily Caller chose to write up a “flashback” to 2007 when MSNBC supposedly called Hillary Clinton out on her “birtherism.” Their article also notes that Trump spokesperson Jason Miller has said that:

“Having successfully obtained President Obama’s birth certificate when others could not, Mr. Trump believes that President Obama was born in the United States.”

Note the aggrandizement of Trump in that short statement. “When others could not.” What a load of horse manure.

The Daily Caller also covered the Trump presser from an odd angle, saying that Trump “trolled” the media into covering endorsements from “war heroes.” The author of this piece barely mentioned the birther remark, at the bottom of the article, after wading through the superfluous. Way to bury the lede!

Red State, too, chose to focus on Trump’s lie that Clinton started the whole birther thing. This writer, in fact, blames Hillary for just about everything. The “article” also drags out just about every other liberal and smears them with the same brush. About what I expected from that website. Oh, there’s also a cut-and-paste of the Trump campaign’s press release masquerading as an article.

But, to really get the idea of how butthurt the alt-right is by Trump’s renunciation of their favorite Obama conspiracy theory, one has to turn to Twitter, under the hashtag #Birther. From blaming Hillary to blaming Obama himself to delusions to conspiracy theories, it’s all here and it’s a lot of projection:

Many of them keep harping on the idea that the whole birther thing started with Hillary back in 2008. Even Breitbart knows better. But this will be the new narrative from the right, you can be sure. The GOP will embrace the lie and all their bots will spout the talking points on the cable shows. Bet on it.

It doesn’t matter, though. The alt-right is bummed. Their man — their racist, xenophobic, white supremacy-embracing candidate — has reneged on his basic idea. One he has flogged for 5 years. One that drew the racists and white supremacists to his campaign. Now what will they do?

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