GOP Governor Makes Disgusting Joke About Getting Shot In Front Of Room Full Of Teachers, What An Ass

While America is reeling from the country’s latest school massacre, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (R) somehow thought a school shooting joke was appropriate. More than 22,000 teachers in the state have been on strike since Thursday, and every public school in West Virginia is closed so instead of dealing with the issue seriously, the Republican Governor decided to be an arsehole. West Virginia ranks 48th in the nation for average teacher pay and health benefits are also a concern.

Justice began his remarks at Spring Mills High School in Wheeling by saying, “Okay everybody, nobody’s going to shoot at me or anything, are you?”

“Okay, you don’t have to promise,” he added.

Jess Spring, who captured the video, told Talking Points Memo on Monday evening that she teaches PE at a middle school in Berkeley County, West Virginia.

“This was our greeting from the governor of the state,” she wrote on Facebook. “Glad I got it on tape.”


Another teacher highlighted on Facebook what took place. Justice was reportedly an hour late, and he didn’t stand at the podium, but instead, he sat in a chair. Justice, a billionaire, told the teachers the money was there, then said that it wasn’t. He “pulled out a cigar and offered it to us on school property,” then “manipulated students into a photo op when they were trying to express their questions and concerns as students.”

The Republican Governor’s last statement was, “I’m done marketing myself to you”

“2014 was the last pay raise that public employees and especially teachers and service personnel have gotten,” Eric Brand, a local West Virginia union representative, Shareblue Media. “They weren’t putting the money in to match our premiums … some of them are going to skyrocket 40 to 70 percent.”

While Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues are discussing arming teachers, educators have found themselves in the position of having to purchase school supplies for the classroom. This idiot is as out of touch as any Republican has ever been

Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images.

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