GOP Congressman Uses Twitter To Go Full-On Racist Against Obama

U.S. Representative Steve King (R-IA) brought out the racist guns on Twitter this morning with a vile cartoon depicting President Obama wearing a turban. The tweet was a jab at his words at the National Prayer Breakfast, in which he said that Christians have forgotten there’s bloodshed and death in their history, too.

In his tweet, King claimed that Obama’s speech was just going to strengthen jihadi recruiting efforts. We can only wonder just what planet he’s on, since Obama didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. He said that we shouldn’t forget the Inquisition or the Crusades, or that Christianity was used to justify both Jim Crow and slavery. Since Islam is the devil, though, we’re probably not supposed to actually say anything about Christianity’s bloody history out loud.

Here’s the tweet:


Obama was giving a history lesson at the National Prayer Breakfast. Could he have said anything else? Yes. Did he give fodder to the jihadists? No. But, of course, the right exploded about that anyway, because heaven forbid anybody should impugn the bright light that is Christianity.

King’s religious views are so biased, so colored, that in 2013, according to Right Wing Watch, he used the following example to “prove” that America is a truly Christian nation:

If you drive home tonight, and you drive in your driveway, and your neighbor’s dog has gotten loose and runs in front of your car, and you run over your neighbor’s dog and kill the neighbor’s dog. If you’re any kind of a man, you go over to the neighbor and knock on the door and you’ll say ‘I just killed your dog.’ Alan [Colmes], that’s called confession.

And the next thing that you will say is, ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.’ And that’s confession, and then repentance. And then once you repent, you’ll say, ‘Please forgive me, I didn’t mean to kill your dog. I didn’t mean it.’

And your neighbor, if he’s any kind of a man, he will say, ‘Alan, you didn’t mean to kill the dog, it really wasn’t your fault. You’ve confessed and you’ve repented, and you are forgiven.’ That’s called redemption.

Or that’s called being a decent human being, but to right-wing nutjobs who think like King, the only reason people have to be decent human beings is Christianity. He might have the process right, but being a decent human being is nothing exclusive to Christianity. To these people, though, somewhere in our hearts, we’re all Christian. If we weren’t, we’d be total monsters.

That fallacy persists, despite the fact that it’s just flat-out not true. Pile that on top of deep-seated racism, and you’ve got people like Steve King. Fortunately, though, many of the responses to his vile tweet were not nearly so ignorant.

This user just made a simple request:

Steve_King_Tweet_Reply_1And this not-so-proud resident of Iowa expressed her feelings on the matter:

Steve_King_Tweet_Reply_2This guy got it spot-on; it is a national disgrace that racist prigs like King hold elected office:

Steve_King_Tweet_Reply_3And this one just makes us laugh!

Steve_King_Tweet_Reply_4Too bad King won’t delete his account, and he probably won’t delete this tweet, either, because he means it. And they’re right, undermining the president the way King did does more for our enemies than pointing out Christianity’s bloody history. Islamophobia, racism, and general nutbaggery is alive and well, and embodied in people like Congressman Steve King.

Featured image: via Twitter

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