GOP Accidentally Publishes ‘Mike Pence Won The Debate’ Post Early And Nobody Can Stop Laughing

Back in November of 1948, the Chicago Daily Tribune decided to go forward with their election news in header even though the information was incorrect.

If you’ve had a history book at any point and you’re a citizen of the United States, you’ve seen this picture before. It’s one of the best-known instances of newspapers getting it wrong and is arguably one of the most famous pictures ever taken. The header read, in loud letters, “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN.”

Of course, history would remember it a bit differently, since Truman won the 1948 election.

Well, the GOP had a similar moment today when they accidentally published their piece announcing that Mike Pence had won the upcoming VP debate — but unlike the election, which was over when the Tribune ran their header, the VP debate hadn’t even started yet.

“Clear Winner”

Mistakes are understandable. Mistakes happen — but the type of mistakes that a person makes is enlightening to the nature of that person on all the same, and the nature of the mistake made by the RNC when they accidentally hit publish on their largely placeholder block of text declaring Pence the victor of the VP debate (which wouldn’t happen for a few more hours) is very telling of them, even if it doesn’t reveal any new information about them.

In particular, that they’re impatient to do whatever they can to spin the events of the debate to make Trump and Pence look like winners — no matter how much of a Titanic-scale disaster this debate turns out to be for them.

Believe me when I say framing is everything. When you frame an issue, you use rhetoric tricks to try and seize control over a person’s perception. Perception, after all, is reality. In this regard, marketing and journalism are twins separated by billions of dollars.

That’s why the framing in this declaration of victory posted several hours ahead of schedule has everyone laughing. It’s all clearly placeholder text — they could’ve lorem ipsum’d their text and the meaning would not functionally have changed.


So generic it’s painful.

One has to admire the GOP for their trained cadre of precognitive psychics. I mean, they’ll probably publish this same exact thing with only a few things changed to reflect that, you know, the debate actually happened once the debate is over, but you have to admire them all the same for being so confident.

Or desperate. It’s hard to tell with them anymore.

I won’t make any predictions about the debate tonight. I look at Pence and I see the human equivalent to a black mamba snake. I see a viper; a liar, a cold-hearted monster who’s every bit as heartless as the ruinous power he worships. If he loses, I’ll enjoy it immensely.

I will, however, make this (tepid, lukewarm) prediction: this little mistake will have everyone laughing for a few days, at least.

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