Gold Star Military Dad To Trump: ‘You Take A Naturalization Test’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump, a man whose skin is thinner than his hair, has proven that he cannot handle the mildest criticism. So naturally he went full-blown Trumpzilla on the Muslim father of a slain US war hero after he called Trump out at the DNC in Philly.

Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim American hero who delivered an epic smackdown of Trump at the Democratic convention last month, is not going to allow Trump to bully him. Khan is now going after Trump after the clownish candidate said he was going to impose a new and more strict citizenship test for all immigrants entering America. The test, which has proved to be as ridiculous as Trump’s presidential campaign itself, was soundly rejected by Khan.

This is my country too,” Khan told The Huffington Post in an email. We must make it safe ― as Muslim Americans it is our obligation to keep our country safe. We reject all violence. We support better immigration policies. We stand as a testament to assimilation and being part of patriotic America as anyone else.

While we should have an honest discussion about immigration, Donald Trump is not the guy to have it. Khan, who has since become one of the most strident critics of Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the US, took his criticisms up a notch by suggesting that Trump take the citizenship test.

I challenge Trump to take the naturalization test with me any day. His is demagoguery and pandering for vote. A divider like Trump can never be the steward of this country, he said.

Watch the clip below:

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Trump may be a con man, but he just got Khan’d.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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