Glenn Beck Thinks The Pope Has Super Powers To Stop Abortion With Just A Few Words (AUDIO)

There are few in America who are more critical of the Pope than those who grasp the Bible the closest. For the Christian right (even the Catholic right), Pope Francis’ words on global warming, on wealth inequality, immigration and even on gay marriage (to a point), prove that the Vicar of Christ is somehow far too liberal. Some are even saying he’s the anti-Christ.

Glenn Beck is Mormon, not Catholic, but he feels that the Pope came up short during his visit to the United States by not putting a stop to abortion.

The Pope could have ended abortion in America yesterday. He could have stood in the well of the Senate and said, “I’m sorry. I know this is not my place. I’m not here to talk to you about politics. I’m here to talk to you about life, and you have the opportunity right now to end abortion”…

This isn’t asking him to do something that is not in his trait, is not in his purview. This is not asking him to do anything political. This is asking him to be the vicar of Christ. That’s what he was introduced as. That’s his title. Missed opportunity.

Source: Mediaite

Here’s the audio:

First off, only about 25 percent of American adults are Catholic and if people who were raised Catholic still end up being pro-choice, it’s doubtful a few words from the Pope would change anything, especially since his words on climate change and on taxing the rich have fallen on deaf ears.

What Beck and those on the right fail to realize is that abortions have always existed and they will always exist. The only thing that the government has any control over is ensuring that women have access to safe abortions and they are doing a pretty damned lousy job of that.

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