Glenn Beck Investigated By Secret Service For Threatening To Violently Stab Donald Trump

Ever since sad and aging rock star Ted Nugent proclaimed “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” without consequence back in 2012, it has become fairly normal for Republicans to make veiled threats towards the President and other public officials they now consider the enemy.

Over the past 4 years radical conservatives have continuously upped the ante of their hateful and threatening rhetoric towards the President and other Democratic leaders. The truly ironic thing about right wing extremist’s vicious attacks on Obama, is their insane belief that Barrack Obama is a dangerous tyrant who is about to haul them off to the death camps, yet they feel safe enough to threaten his life publicly.

As Tea Party Republicans and others of their ilk work diligently to destroy our system of government, while tearing apart our country in the process, it’s no wonder that many in the right wing media who spurn Donald Trump also feel comfortable threatening violence toward the Republican front runner. And why not? Republicans have been threatening violence towards political leaders for years, and rarely even receive a visit from the Secret Service, so there has really been no deterrent for them to curb their violent outbursts.  Until now.

This past week the chicken little of talk radio and rabid Ted Cruz supporter, Glenn Beck, made statements on his radio show expressing his disdain for Donald Trump as he proclaimed,

If I was close enough and I had a knife. Really. I mean the stabbing just wouldn’t stop,

Beck later tried to walk back his statement, claiming it was not directed towards Trump, but to his producer Stu Burguiere after he was contacted by the Secret Service and told he was under investigation.

While any threat of this nature should at least be considered noteworthy to the Secret Service, it seems odd that one off the cuff remark made by a goofy radio show host like Beck, directed at a man who is only running for President, should be taken so much more seriously than the thousands of real threats that have been directed at Barrack Obama over the past few years.

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