George W Bush’s Daughter Comes Out For Hillary And All Hell Is Breaking Loose (IMAGE)

It’s safe to say that nobody saw this coming.

In a picture posted to Twitter, Barbara Bush Pierce, daughter of former President George W. Bush, stands next to Hillary Clinton’s closest aide Huma Abedin. The caption says it all: “We’re with her.”

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The same photo was also added to Instagram with the caption: “Hillblazing at home in paris #imwithher.”

For those keeping score at home, Barbara would be the second Bush to recently come out – albeit indirectly – for Clinton over Republican nominee Donald Trump. Her grandfather, former President George H.W. Bush recently told friends that he plans to vote Clinton, as well. (George W. has only said he won’t vote Trump. Jeb has suggested he might vote Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.)

But some people were apparently not okay with this picture. It took less than an hour before the fury reached such a degree that both photos were pulled down. Another one, posted by Vanity Fair’s Derek Blasberg, makes no mention of Clinton’s signature campaign slogan.

Donald Trump is struggling to get the endorsement of many mainstream Republicans. While he has sad sack Rudy Giuliani open up his rallies, the candidate lacks the endorsement of even a single living former president. He has – in a rough count – just four newspaper endorsements, and one of those being tabloid rag National Enquirer (compare that to Hillary’s 80+ endorsements). He is struggling to find any military leader either current or retired who is willing to torch his or her reputation by getting behind his campaign.  And now, several members of the Bush family are almost openly taunting him by supporting Clinton.

To say that Trump is the least respected presidential candidate of all time might be an understatement.

Featured image via Twitter

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