From The Mouth Of Babes, Kids React To Donald Trump In The Best Possible Way (VIDEO)

In a Republican primary season that has become infamous for its below the belt insults, immature name calling, and crass displays of political one-upmanship, it seems almost impossible to watch a Republican Debate this election cycle without wondering “who’s the adult in the room?”

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With Ben Carson officially suspending his campaign, presumably to go back to a life of being a human Anesthesia Machine, and Chris Christie giving up his Presidential aspirations to become a Trump “Stepford Wife”, the once outrageous field of 17 Presidential hopefuls has been whittled down to a sad quartet. As four Republican candidates now run the political playground that is the GOP Primary race, three of the four candidates, Trump, Cruz and Rubio fight amongst themselves like petulant children.

And speaking of children, this week on the popular YouTube series Kids React, random children aged 7 to 13 were shown some of Donald Trump’s most memorable campaigning moments; their reactions are just about what you would expect from children viewing the rude and mean-spirited Trump for the first time.

From the mouths of babes, these kids nail it, sharing the following comments,

He’s like a 5-year-old. … He throws tantrums about stupid things.

Like yourself? He’s talking about himself. So undiplomatic. It’s kind of like me and my brother


That is so rude. He speaks his mind, but his mind isn’t right.

When elementary school kids are calling you out for your immature behavior, perhaps it’s time for a little introspection, or maybe even a reality check. Except for John Kasich, a man who has somehow been able to keep some semblance of dignity during a Republican primary season that more resembles a prison food fight than a professional bid for the highest office in the land, the current GOP candidates are such an embarrassment to themselves, their party and their country, that even a child can see it.

Featured Image Via Screen capture: Fine Brothers Entertainment YouTube

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