Fox’s Lou Dobbs Just SHREDDED Paul Ryan In Epic Unhinged Rant (VIDEO)

To say that there’s no love lost for Paul Ryan on Lou Dobbs’ part is an understatement. He seems to think that Ryan’s an ineffective idealogue who’s actively working against his party. Back in October, before the election, Dobbs went on a tear against Ryan after he said he couldn’t support Trump. He believed that Ryan, back then, was trying to destroy Trump.

Fast forward to today, and Dobbs says:

“And now 5 months later, I believe the Speaker is in the exact same place as he faces opposition from dozens of House conservatives and other conservative groups as well on his plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

The Congressional Budget Office released its review of Trumpcare yesterday, and found that 24 million people would lose their healthcare coverage over the next ten years. 14 million of them would lose it within the next two. The elderly, particularly those on low, fixed incomes, would be devastated under this plan. Paul Ryan touted the report as a success because of projected deficit reductions and the fact that premiums might start coming down at some point for some people.

Trump actually has been voicing support for Trumpcare, even as his allies blast it. It’s strange to hear Dobbs claim that Ryan is trying to destroy Trump with this when Trump himself supports the GOP’s healthcare plan.

So Dobbs went on to say that he believes Ryan has achieved next to nothing since becoming Speaker (which is pretty much true), and then dropped this bomb:

“I believe it’s time for Ryan to vacate the Speaker’s office in the interest of his party and, in fact, the nation.”

It’s a totally unhinged rant against Paul Ryan. Seriously, if someone like Dobbs is going to call on the Speaker of the House to resign, he really needs to put his rants together a little bit better. Watch below:

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