Fox News Accidentally Tweeted How Successful Obama Was For The Economy And Twitter Responded (IMAGE)

It can easily be said that Fox News has been the media branch of the Republican party since it’s inception in 1996. Known for lying most of the time, they’ve still managed to convince a good amount of aging Americans that the nation is in peril and under attack from the liberal left.

Now that Donald Trump is in the Oval Office, it seems now, more than ever, they are steadfast in their mission to misinform the masses, with the exception of a few folks (Shep Smith).

However, the cable news network tweeted something out on Sunday afternoon that was a bit different from what we usually see from Fox News — an apparent recognition of how former President Obama brought the nation out of the depths of economic despair into long lasting prosperity that Trump was so fortunate to inherit.

They tweeted out the U.S. markets since March 2009, which was right after Obama took office. Thus showing that Obama is the one who brought us to where we are now.

Check it out:


Was this an accidental tweet on Fox News‘ part? Maybe. Or perhaps it’s a young intern who hasn’t been told that it’s their job to misinform and twist reality to fit the narrative of the Republican party.

Nonetheless, Twitter took notice and began to ruthlessly mock them for their tweet clearly showing how well the economy became under President Obama.

Here are some of the responses:

Undoubtedly, Trump will try to take credit for the success of Obama, but thankfully, the internet will be quick to remind everyone of the facts.

Featured Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

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